Let us know

If you’re interested in what we’re trying to do here please get in touch. We think a blog like this can help in exchanging ideas and letting us learn from each other.

Good ideas, good practice, can help set agendas, and even help change the world. We think the UCU, like other unions needs to work and act strategically.

If you’d like to help set the UCUAgenda let us know.  We’ve no ‘party line’ in this network apart from being on the left, being independent and containing a broad range of views (the clue’s in the name). We think we’re all in it together in the UCU, and we don’t make divisions between full timers and the members, or the leadership and the ‘rank and file’.

If you’d like to air your views on the union, its agenda, its future, ‘think-pieces’ of 500 words or so are welcome.

If you’d like to give examples of what you’re doing that we can all learn from let us know.

The only rule we have is no personal attacks or doubting people’s motives.

Questioning actions or activity is a different thing.

Send your points to unionadmin@ucuagenda.com