Why this blog

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The UCU is a great union to be part of but it faces growing challenges from aggressive university and college managements and a reactionary Government that seems hell bent on crushing the labour movement.

Like all unions it needs to be adaptive to today’s challenges but also responsive to the needs of its members. It also needs to be an environment where ideas can be openly debated and discussed.

The Independent Broad Left is a network which we hope will be attractive to all members of UCU who believe in discussion on a progressive way forward for the union, developing the best of our traditions, and protecting and improving our members pay and conditions, while helping create the type of education system that best serves our students, our communities and our common future.

The Independent Broad Left Network, is not a sect or a membership organisation. If you’re interested in our ideas, take part in the discussion. We’d love to hear your point of view on the current UCU agenda.

Any thoughts or points of view for the blog – e-mail unionadmin@ucuagenda.com