UCU NEC Elections 2018 – Vote Brian Hamilton for Vice President

Putting members’ interests first, allowing every voice to be heard

Brian’s successful and longstanding experiences as a local, regional and national officer for Prison educators make him well placed to bring valuable insight, recruitment successes and negotiating experience to his proven commitment to trade union organisation relevant to all UCU members whether working in Universities, FE Colleges, Adult or Community Education, Prisons or the increasing number of private education providers in HE and FE.

Brian believes ‘Using the union to further political ideals deflects the valuable resource of our unity and strength away from vital current and future agendas. Whether challenging REF and TEF or resisting attacks on a university pension scheme, we need to focus on today’s battles. educational world we now find ourselves in.’

His fundamental belief is that we should be working to improve members’ lives by fighting for fair, safe, inclusive workplaces where everyone’s full and diverse talents can be recognised by fair pay, decent pensions and employment protection.

Every member can and should vote for Brian

Vote for a member-led leadership acting in the interests of all members


You can download this leaflet for distribution here