HE Sector Conf. recommendations

To help colleagues decide on what can sometimes seem to be an overwhelming amount of business, we offer below what we think are sensible recommendations on HE Sector business, based on the 2nd report of the CBC.

We think these recommendations would lead to useful policy that would strengthen the union over this coming year. But of course – we haven’t yet heard the debate – so like everyone else we’ll be listening to the arguments and voting accordingly!

Anyway – here’s what we recommend. (EP) stands for ‘existing policy

HE1 Pay NEC – this should be supported
HE2 National and local action – listen to debate and decide on merits
HE2A 1 This is an improvement  support this – it challenges the myth  that our problems are due to “lack of leadership” 
HE2a2 –  Support this amendment
HE3 This is all about calling individual branches out and funding these strikes for a levy. Too many legal  and industrial difficulties to be helpful. Should be remitted or opposed
HE4  Eballots – Oppose.
Although face-to-face meetings are an important component of union democracy, electronic consultations have a role to play in gauging the opinions of members, some of whom will not always be free to attend meetings.

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HE4A1  Support –  keeps options open:
There is a real contradiction between this motion’s opposition to e-balloting and UCU’s support and commitment to the TUC campaign to make the case for electronic balloting within  the TU Act
HE5 Nat Pay bargaining –   looks ok ~ it is of course union policy
HOWEVER it is also a potential attack on the rather successful UK level strategies which we have been developing to initiate local bargaining with central backing on casualization, the gender pay gap and excessive workloads: The movers should clarify their position on this strategy (unanimously  endorsed as a strategy by HEC): see motions 13, 14 below
HE6 – pay strategies – EP
HE 6A1 – support
HE 7 – industrial action – EP support
HE7a1 – support
HE8 and amendment – this is on pay differential and the amendment changes from 20:1 to 10:1 – neither of which is problematic – support
HE9 MMU – support

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HE10 – Leeds – oppose
Here the issue is the call to move to censure and boycott – Although it might be said that the expression ‘moving to’ offers sufficient flexibility here. However it should have been ruled out of order as it seeks to overturn or bypass a carefully thought out policy and procedure for censure and boycott which was approved by sector conference which protects members and branches: It should be opposed on those grounds
HE11 – USS  support our negotiators’ recommendations
HE12 glass staircase – support
HE12a1 – support motion  and amendments
HE 13 – Gender pay – EP – support
HE 13A – support
HE 14 gender pay – support
HE15 LGBT+ support
HE16 variable hours – support

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HE17 – Needs a proper debate – lots of issues here
HE17a Needs a proper debate
HE18 – researchers – support
HE19  ratification HPL – support
HE20  framework  – support
HE21 Grading  – support
HE22  capability  – support
HE 22a1 ok  – support
HE23 privatisation  – support
HE24 workload  – support
HE25 mental health  – support
HE25a1  – support
HE26  Stern and REF – listen to debate and decide
HE26a1 – outputs should be able to be zero listen to debate and decide
HE 27 Teaching observation  – support
HE28 academic freedom  – support
HE 28a1  – support
HE 28a2 listen to debate
HE 23a3  – support
HE29  widening access  – support
HE30 TEF  – support
HE31 NSS EP  – support
HE 31a1  – support
HE32   TEF  – support

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HE33   modern languages   – support
HE34   LGBT+ curriculum  – support
HE35  quality exercises – EP  – support
HE36  Grad destinations – EP  – support
HE37 – Journal of HE unions studs – I think starting a journal is a huge commitment and feel it might be outwith UCU remit? Possibly remit on the basis that while can see the case for a publication with  our limited resources we probably need to focus on upcoming educational work on  REF and TEF and  the Higher Education Act
HE 38  London Met  – EP ~  PLUS we have already put the boycott on and are supporting the branch towards success with their negotiations (for which they have developed some good policy positions)  – support
HE 39 MMU – EP  – support
HE40 academic freedom EP  – support
HE41 consultants  – support
HE 41a1  – support
HE42 student staff alliance  – support
HE43 – Brexit EP  – support
HE43a1  – support
HE44 Trump  – support

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