Election Talk – Vote for Progressive Left Candidates

The UCU ballot has now opened and from 1st February to 1st March, UCU members can cast their vote for candidates who are campaigning for a strong, united and campaigning union.

UCU Agenda has looked at the election addresses, and would urge you to vote for the following candidates on the basis of the positions adopted in their election address.

Vote Adam Ozanne for Vice President:

AO photo

Adam Ozanne

A message from Adam:

“I am proud to have been a member of AUT/UCU for over thirty years and to have taught in adult education as well as HE, and am standing as an independent, progressive candidate who understands the problems UCU members face and how they can be overcome.

“We face many challenges: excessive workloads, casualisation, redundancies, declining real pay and gender and BME pay inequalities, attacks on pensions, escalating health and safety issues in prisons and, in FE especially, chronically inadequate funding.

“We need a strong, united union to defend education and those who work in it. Winning requires working together, irrespective of party political affiliations or beliefs. If elected I will continue to work for everyone in UCU and always put your interests first.

“I will be voting for Steve Sangwine and the candidates below and ask you to do so also.”

Vote Steve Sangwine – UCU Treasurer


A message from Steve

“As UCU Treasurer since 2017, I know about the union’s finances and assets, have presented budgets to NEC and Congress, and am currently in the middle of a long term review of our subscription rates. If re-elected, I will work to safeguard the long term financial health of the union and seek to use UCU’s financial strength to support its members, as we did so effectively in the 2018 USS dispute when we supported striking members with over £1M in ‘strike pay’.

“Successful disputes need wide membership involvement and support. I therefore strongly support electronic consultation with members before expensive statutory ballots.

“I believe in a member-led UCU, which means engaging with the members at large in our branches, not just the activists who attend meetings. Wide membership involvement builds the understanding and commitment which delivers best results.”

The candidates being supported  by UCU Agenda are not members of any faction within UCU, and neither have they asked for the support of UCU Agenda. Having read their election statements however, we believe they are the best placed candidates to take the union forward, building on the successes of the USS and FE struggles.

We would therefore ask you to vote for the candidates below.


What are the principles behind these candidates? We believe they are in line with a Progressive Left approach: