NEC Elections 2016:A team to take our union forward

A message from the Independent Broad Left network:

Dear Colleague

This year’s national UCU elections take place against the background of major threats to our profession and the trade union movement as a whole, including:

  • The Green Paper on higher education which will open up the sector to private providers.
  • The review of post-16 education, and the crisis in funding, which could see 4 in 10 colleges close.
  • The continued pressure on pay rises, and the intensification of work demands.
  • The Trade Union Bill, which is intended to neuter the ability of trade unions to defend their members’ interests.Standing up to these and other threats requires a union leadership which puts members first, seeks to involve them in decisions, and emphasises core professional and trade union issues – education, research, jobs, pay, conditions, equality and professional autonomy.The Independent Broad Left network has played an active role in shifting the union agenda towards a focus on the advancement of our professional and employment interests and the defence of members’ rights. We do not seek confrontation for its own sake but we are prepared to take industrial action when necessary, when it is widely supported and when it can achieve real gains for members. We strongly urge you to vote for the candidates below:
  • (Download pdf of leaflet here)


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London and East