Help support UCU colleagues at London Met.

Financial mismanagement leading to the staff – and communities –  being asked to face the brunt of proposed changes is nothing new. London Met is (again) facing attacks from their management and are seeking solidarity. 

London Met

Delegates at UCU UK Congress express solidarity with London Met colleagues

Colleagues at London Met have asked branches to offer solidarity in their fight to stop the shrinking of the campus from three sites to one, and a cutting of student numbers from 12,000 to 10,000

The East London Advertiser recently covered the issue  with Tower Hamlet’s Mayor John Briggs saying:

“I was deeply shocked to learn of the decision to relocate out of the East End. To put this valuable heritage at risk in order to address the university’s financial mismanagement is a tragedy”

The branch’s position is simple:

‘It would be wrong for university management to assume that our finances will be remedied by shrinking the university to a single campus – and significantly cutting staff jobs and student places in order to achieve such. The most likely outcome of attempting to do so would be the terminal decline of the university as a whole. Specifically, any attempt to move CASS to North campus would be a catastrophic mistake – much the same as it was to previously relocate all Business courses to City Campus. We strongly suggest seriously looking at, and fully consulting on, a move from a three to a two-campus university that maintains the integrity of CASS at its City Campus site, that protects staff jobs and the educational provision of our current and future students’.

London Met 2

John Briggs – Tower Hamlet’s Mayor

The branch is asking UCU members to sign the student on-line petition here   The petition already has 1000 signatures, so help would be appreciated.